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I am

          I am... Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality We hope to inspire you to go after whatever excites you and find the space within you that makes you feel free. Whether that means starting up your own business, travel or getting that dream job. We believe it’s always about the balance between having the right mindset and doing the right things.  What makes you feel free?  I am.........F R E E :    

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A basket bag

For lazy summer days... A basket bag and a white dress   The beauty of a simple white dress, an outfit in itself. Clean and crisp against a golden color on your skin...and freckles on your nose. Add a basket bag, and you are all good to go! Rolling roundie is all handmade  - the Balinese artisans have used this old technique for decades. Made of Ata grass, and smoked over coconut husks - therefor can you smell a smoked scent from the bag - a tropical scent. We have paired it up with a sky blue pinstripe inner lining - a Scandinavian touch  

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  My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In shearing these things we are united, we are the same We are one Check out our Yoga collection                                                                       

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