Inspired by the surfer community, we watch from a distance, in this tropical island we frequently visit.
The same feeling appears back home in Norway when spring turns into summer.
That longing for sunkissed skin, bare legs, salty hair and long summer nights, and sunsets - we are always longing for sunsets...
Our jewelry is handmade by artisans in Bali together with our creative director. We work closely together to give you unique pieces, which we hope will give you a deeper personal meaning.
We hope our jewelry can inspire you to trust yourself and your creativity. Maybe you received a bracelet from someone who means the world to you. Or maybe you gave yourself a necklace as a reminder to be the best version of yourself, every day.
Summer is a state of mind, never stop chasing your sunkissed feeling, you can find it everywhere. With a book in your hand on a tropical beach, in a cabin with a mountain view or on a bike in a big city you love - with someone you love.
Find your fire
Lotte & Mette-Marit